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This is a service overview page.  For more detailed information, please  check out the ANDS Guides page.

Service Profile

  • ANDS provides a persistent identifier service called Identify My Data, which is mostly referred to as Persistent Identifiers Service (PIDS).
  • This service provides a way to automatically assign globally unique citable identifiers, based on HandleExternal link technology, to your datasets, collections, papers and so on.
  • Identify My Data creates a clickable reference to your dataset that can be maintained, even if the location of the dataset changes.  When people click on it, the ANDS service re-routes them to whatever location you nominate.  And you can update that location at any time. This clickable or resolvable link is called a handle.
  • The Identify My Data service is available as a self-service tool or a machine-to-machine (m2m) service.
  • To understand how the Identify My Data work, view some examples, or access links to other related information, go to ANDS Guides - Identify My Data Page.

Service Requirements

Access and Authentication

Self-service Tool (for individual researchers)

  • Access to the Identify My Data self-service tool in the ANDS Collections Registry is controlled via  a login through the Australian Access FederationExternal link (AAF). 
  • All research individuals with an AAF account is eligible for and has default access for minting an identifier.
  • Detailed instructions on how to use the self-service tool is documented in Identify My Data Self-service interface page on the ANDS website.
  • This manual, self-service process is not recommended for creating large numbers of persistent identifiers.  This is recommended for use by individual researchers.

Identify My Data Software Interface (for institutions)

  • Registration is required in order to use this service. 
  • PIDS client registration requires an IP address(es) and the domain URL(s).
  • Once registered, ANDS provides a unique appID (application ID) that is used to identify a PIDS trusted client. Multiple IP addresses (individual IPs or IP range) or domain URLs can be registered for the same appID, depending on their requirements.
  • Only valid combinations of client IP address and the appID, together with the domain URL will be able to successfully mint a handle.
  • Instructions on how to register for this service is available from Identify My Data software interface page.


  • Both individual users and institutions are required to agree to ANDS Identify My Data Terms and Conditions prior to using the production service.
  • When using the self-service tool, confirmation is requested electronically.
  • Insitutions, on the other hand, must remember that:
    • An Identify My data  Participant  agreement  form downloadable from the  Forms and Templates page must be duly signed by the institution's authorised signatory, preferably someone of higher authority (i.e.  Project Director, Project Manager, etc.) prior to production PIDS registration.
    • A scanned copy of the signed agreement must be sent to
    • A signed agreement is not necessary in order to be registered for testing.

Identify My Data Policy Statement

  • Identify My Data policy statement describes the core policies underpinning the Identify My Data service.
  • The policy also provides a number of recommendations that may be considered by organisations implementing the service in order to effectively utilise the product.
  • Broadly, objects assigned a handle via the ANDS Identify My Data service will:
    • have a unique handle name consisting of the ANDS Handle name space, 102.100.100, and a non-meaningful numeric identifier (the label) separated by a slash ("/"). For example, 102.100.100/10.
    • be managed or updated only using the ANDS Idenfity My Data service.
    • ideally, though may not always be the case,  have a resolvable URL associated with the object metadata

Important Note: It is critical for users of the ANDS Identify My Data product to understand that ANDS does not manage persistent identifiers; it only provides the infrastructure to allow minting, resolution and updating of identifiers. Processes and policies need to be put in place by those utilising the product to ensure that appropriate maintenance practices underpin persistence.

Service Environments/Systems

The Handle System

  • The ANDS Identify My Data product is a Persistent Identifier Service (PIDS) The underlying service functionality is based on the based on the Handle system. It has a machine-to-machine interface offered as a web service, and an online human facing interface offered though a web browser.
  • ANDS utilises as the preferred resolver for persistent identifiers.
  • To implement PIDS, refer to Persistent Identifiers Web Service [PDF 383KB] documentation.
    • PIDS Demo service URL: (for testing PIDS)
    • PIDS Production service URL :

Handle Client (PIDS Client)

  • Minting and updating handles or identifiers through the ANDS Identify My Data (PIDS) service can be done through a Handle client or PIDS client.
  • Available PIDS clients from ANDS partners:

Service Cost

There is no cost to use this service for publicly funded Australian research organisations or government agencies that make their data available to the Australian Research Data Commons.

Service Support

For enquiries, please contact or your ANDS representative