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Service Profile

ANDS provides a persistent identifier service called Identify My Data. This provides a way to automatically assign globally unique citable identifiers, based on Handle technology, to your datasets, collections, papers and so on.

Research portals, analysis environments, and journals all increasingly need to refer to data. Generally they refer to data with a normal URL link.  If the data is moved, or if anything mentioned in the URL changes, these published references to the data are broken.  And all the things that would build on this data are compromised, such as evidence-based policy, scholarly communication, verification of scientific methods, and educated public enquiry.

Identify My Data creates a clickable reference to your dataset that can be maintained, even if the location of the dataset changes.  When people click on it, the ANDS service re-routes them to whatever location you nominate.  And you can update that location at any time. This clickable or resolvable link is called a handle.

Service Requirements

Access to the Identify My Data self-service tool is controlled via  a login through the Australian Access FederationExternal link (AAF).  All research individuals with an AAF account is eligible for minting an identifier through the self-service tool.

The ANDS Persistent Identifiers (PIDS) Web Service enables the minting, updating and resolving of persistent identifiers by software applications which require these services.  An institution needs to be registered with the ANDS PIDS service and must have signed the Identify My data  Participant  agreement  form downloadable from the  Forms and Templates page before minting handles in the production system.

Service Cost

There is no cost to use this service for publicly funded Australian research organisations or government agencies that make their data available to the Australian Research Data Commons.

How does it work

The easiest way to create one or two persistent identifiers is to use Identify My Data self-service. This online service lets you create new identifiers, and maintain existing ones. However, this manual process is not recommended for creating large numbers of persistent identifiers.  This is recommended for use by individual researchers.

A better way is to use the Identify My Data software interface, the ANDS Persistent Identifier Service (PIDS). PIDS is an ANDS Web Service which allows machine-to-machine transactions so that persistent identifier functionality can be integrated with other applications such as repository management tools. It is intended for use by organisations.  

To use an identifier is as simple as distributing a short URL which resolves to the identified object.

Identify My Data Policy Statement

Use Identify My Data to identify any objects relevant to the research data commons, including experimental datasets, research collections, published papers, projects and staff. You can assign identifiers to non-digital objects, but there should be a web page that the identifier can resolve to.

Please note that by allocating an identifier, you commit to maintaining the location information associated with your identifier over the long term.  ANDS does not impose a large number of policy constraints on users of Identify My Data; instead, appropriate management policies need to be considered and implemented by the projects and institutions who create and maintain the identifiers.

Important Note: It is critical for users of the ANDS Identify My Data product to understand that ANDS does not manage persistent identifiers; it only provides the infrastructure to allow minting, resolution and updating of identifiers. Processes and policies need to be put in place by those utilising the product to ensure that appropriate maintenance practices underpin persistence.

How to register for Identify My Data/Persistent Identifier Service (PIDS)

Individual researchers who have an AAF account need not register to use the PIDS self-service tool. Detailed instructions on how to use this service is documented in Identify My Data Self-service interface page.

For institutions, instructions on how to register for this service is available from Identify My Data software interface page.

Service Support

For enquiries, please contact or your ANDS representative

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