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This is a service overview page.  For more detailed information, please  check out the ANDS Guides page.

Your ANDS Data Citation Toolkit

Service Profile

  • The ANDS Cite My Data (CMD) service enables research organisations to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to research datasets or collections. See Data Citation for more information.
  • The datasets or collections assigned DOIs by the Cite My Data service should be citable contributions to the scholarly record, analogous to a journal article. Other kinds of digital objects (such as web services, APIs, concepts or people) may be better identified using the ANDS Identify My Data service.
  • Cite My Data is intended for use by publicly funded Australian research organisations. It is available as:
    • machine-to-machine service with a software interface that registered research software or data archive software systems can call as part of their automated data creation or data archiving workflows
    • manual minting service for authorised users from registered organisations
  • Cite My Data mints DOIs for data and associated workflows, software and models provided the citeable item has the minimum metadata requirements and is part of the scholarly record.
  • DOIs minted via the CMD service will resolve to the data record in the institutional repository (e.g 10.4225/13/50BBFCFE08A12External link) or other location as set out in the metadata.

Service Requirements

Access and Authentication

  • Cite My Data clients need to register in order to be authenticated by the service. Go to Cite My Data Registration for instructions on how to register.
  • A range of IP addresses or multiple domains can be registered for the same appID, depending on the client's requirements.  IP address is an optional requirement for registration and is not necessary for manual DOI minting.
  • Only valid combinations of client IP address or shared token, appID and the domain URL will be able to successfully mint a handle via the machine to machine service
  • Manual minting of DOI is only available to registered Cite My Data clients.
  • Once registered,
    • machine to machine: ANDS provides a unique appID (application ID) and/or a shared secret key that are used to identify a DOI trusted client. 
    • manual minting: ANDS assigns a DOI service user role to authorised users and also provides a unique appID at the institution's level.
  • The Cite My Data Technical document explains in detail how this service is used.  Visit the Technical Documents page for the latest documentation.


Before an institution can mint a production DOI (either manually or through an automated service), an agreement must first be signed:

  • The Cite My Data Participant agreement form downloadable from the Forms and Templates page must be duly signed by the institution's authorised signatory, preferably someone of higher authority (i.e. Project Director, Project Manager, etc.) before minting handles in the production system.
  • An agreement is not necessary in order to be registered for testing.
  • Instructions on who to send the agreement to available from the Cite My Data Registration page.

Cite My Data Policy Statement

To understand the core policies underpinning the ANDS Cite My Data Service, please go to the Cite My Data Policy Statement page.  Broadly, datasets assigned DOI should meet the following criteria:

  • Be part of the scholarly record
  • Be persistently available
  • Have the metadata required by the Cite My Data service

DOI Maintenance


To complement the DOI machine to machine minting service, Cite My Data incorporated a functionality that enables institutions to manually update DOI metadata, manually mint a DOI and view important DOI information using the My DOIslExternal link user interface.

Each tab of My DOIs allows you to:

  • My DOIs:
    • view a listing of all the DOIs you have minted through the ANDS Cite My Data service
    • update the URL of a DOI you have minted
  • Mint DOI: manually mint a DOI (minimum metadata required)
  • App ID Configuration: view your Cite My Data client App ID configuration (e.g. IP address(es), domain(s), DOI prefix, etc.)
  • Activity logs: view your DOI activity logs including last DOI minted, error messages, etc.
  • Check DOI Links: manually run DOI broken link checking

In order to access the interface, users are required to have a user name and password that is valid within the Australian Access Federation (AAF) and a valid Cite My Data user role, requested from ANDS.

For instructions on how to use My DOIs, please visit the How to use My DOIs page or read the Cite My Data technical documentation available from the Technical Documents page.

Updating a DOI's Metadata

As per Cite My Data Policy statement clause 3.9, it is the responsibility of the client who minted a DOI to ensure it is kept resolvable, and that the metadata associated with a DOI is current.  The Cite My Data M2M Service technical document available from the  Technical Documents  page describes in detail the procedure for updating a DOI's URL (section 3.8.2) or you can go to How to use My DOIs for instructions on how to update a DOI.

Important notes:

  • The DOI being updated must belong to the client requesting the update (appID, IP address or secret key and the domain must be consistent with what is registered in the system).
  • If the URL has changed, ensure the domain of the new location is registered otherwise an update will not be successful. Send an email to if you wish to add a new domain to your registration.
  • DOIs with the test prefix (10.5072/) are deleted on an irregular basis therefore some updates of test DOIs may result to an error. 

Service Cost

There is no cost to use this service for publicly funded Australian research organisations or government agencies that make their data available to the Australian Research Data Commons.

Service Contact

For enquiries, please contact or your ANDS Outreach Officer.