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Data Management for Researchers

Research data is increasingly being recognised as a valuable asset and a valid research output. Journals are starting to require that data be made available to support the research conclusions. The sharing of data is being required as a condition of research funding.

High quality data must be well managed. Most research institutions have comprehensive data management policies and procedures to support their researchers.

Good data management practices are a requirement for researchers (and institutions) under the Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Researchexternal link.

Data is becoming a recognosed citable output of research. This page from Deakin University on showcasing your dataShowcasing your data (click open the "Use DRO to showcase your research data" drop down) gives many of the benfits surounding actively manageing and sharing descriptions of your data with the wider scientific community. Use the examples hereexternal link to counter those who offer excuses as to why they will not share.


ANDS publishes a number of guides covering many aspects of data management. The following selection is particularly relevant to individual researchers working without institutional infrastructure.

See the full list of guides.