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Research Data Licensing Working Group for Infrastructure Providers

Data licensing is becoming increasingly important across the Australian research and innovation sector  One of the essential ingredients of re-usable data is clarity of re-use permissions, terms, and conditions.  Prospective re-users need to know exactly what they can do with the data.

ANDS has established a data licensing implementation working group for the various NCRIS facilities. This group will work in practical ways to share experiences and implement—as far as possible—an approach to data licensing which is both common to the Australian research community and compatible with existing licensing frameworks in use in Australian governments of all jurisdictions. The overall objective is to facilitate the integration of data to and from diverse research facilities and government agencies.

The initial meeting involved a review of the policy assumptions behind the initiative.  The subsequent series of working group meetings will focus on implementation issues.  The policy settings in 2012 may be re-visited in light of emerging issues.  It will be appropriate for participating research facilities to have a policy and implementation representation at the first meeting with a transition to an implementation focus thereafter.

The RDLWGIP aims to provide a forum to:

  1. share experience among the participants
  2. catalyse collaboration
  3. identify areas for targeted assistance, guidance, consultancy, and training.
  4. promote common approaches to data licensing within and across the NCRIS facilities
  5. harmonise the approach of NCRIS (and research organisations) with the existing information licensing approaches of the public sector.

ANDS will provide the group with resources and other forms of assistance. Guidance and experience from the public sector will be provided by the National Programme Director of the Australian Governments Open Access and Licencing framework (AusGOAL), Mr Baden Appleyard.

More targeted guidance, resources, training and implementation support will also be available outside the meeting structure. Meetings are likely to occur quarterly by video conference (or more frequently if needed) and will focus on the practicalities of data licensing.

If you would like to participate or would like more information on the NCRIS Data Licensing Implementers Group, please contact Dr Greg Laughlin on 0434 127 810 or

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