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Managing Data    |    Describing Data for Discovery and Reuse    |    Articulating the Value of Data    |    Publishing Data    |    Ethics, Funders, Policy and Licensing    |    Data Citation    |    Building the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)    |    Identifying Data and Researchers    |    Guides for ANDS Online Services    |    Resources for Data Librarians

These publications provide information about ANDS services and some fundamental issues in data-intensive research and research data management. These are not rules, prescriptions or proscriptions. They are guidelines and checklists to inform and broaden the range of possibilities for researchers, data managers, and research organisations.

Managing Data

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Data Management Framework Guides

Managing Data Guides

Describing Data for Discovery and Reuse

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Describing Data for Research Data Australia Guides

  • Research Data Australia Content Providers Guide (CPG): a comprehensive guide to all tabs for both manual entry and automated harvesting -  View Online 
  • Registry Interchange Format: Collections and Services (RIF-CS) Explained - View Online | PDF 197KB
  • What makes a useful collection record? - View Online | PDF 94KB 

Metadata Guides

Articulating the Value of Data

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ANDS Reports

Data Reuse Stories

  • share - ANDS Newsletter
  • Where in the world? An ecological story - View Online
  • Maximising the benefits of high-resolution climate modelling: Part I - View Online
  • Benefiting women's health. A story about sharing sensitive data as a fundamental national research resource - View Online
  • The benefits of sharing Government-commissioned, publicly-funded data for policy development - View Online

Publishing Data

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Publishing Data with ANDS Guides

Publishing Data Guides

Ethics, Funders, Policy and Licensing

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Policy and Licensing Guides


Ethics and Sensitive Data Guides

Data Citation

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Data Citation and Identifiers Guides

Further Resources

  • Building a Culture of Data Citation
    This poster and pamphlet is CC-BY to make it easier for adaptation for reuse:

Building the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

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ARDC Guides

Identifying Data and Researchers

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Identifiers Guides

Identifier Systems Guides

ANDS Persistent Identifier Minting Services

Guides for ANDS Online Services

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ANDS Online Services

Resources for Data Librarians 

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Pamphlets and posters

  • Research Data and Librarians: trifold pamphlet (A4):
  • Sharing Data Ethically
    This poster is CC-BY to make it easier for adaptation for reuse: