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ANDS Guides and Publications

These publications provide information about ANDS services and some fundamental issues in data-intensive research and research data management. These are not rules, prescriptions or proscriptions. They are guidelines and checklists to inform and broaden the range of possibilities for researchers, data managers, and research organisations.

Managing Data

Describing Data for Discovery and Reuse

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Creating a Data Management Framework Guide
   View Online | PDF 95KB   

Data Management Planning Guide View Online | PDF 335KB 

File Formats Guide View Online | PDF 201KB

Geospatial Guide View Online | PDF 337KB

ANDS and Data Storage Guide View Online | PDF 186KB 

Curation Continuum Guide View Online | PDF 160KB 

Research Data Management in Practice - report outlines the roles and responsibilities of hosting institutions and individual researchers in respect of data management, including where these overlap.

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Describing Data for Research Data Australia 

  • Research Data Australia Content Providers Guide  - a comprehensive guide to all tabs for both manual entry and automated harvesting View Online 
  • Registry Interchange Format - Collections and Services (RIF-CS) Explained View Online | PDF 197KB
  • What makes a useful collection record? Guide View Online | PDF 94KB 

Metadata Guides

Metadata Stores Solutions Guide (Working level) View Online | PDF 377KB | Resources

Vocabularies and Research Data Guide View Online | PDF 393KB | Related info

Articulating the Value of Data

Publishing Data

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ANDS Reports
Costs and Benefits of Data Provision
Professor John Houghton, ANDS, 2011 SummaryPDF 1.61MB  

Open Research Data Report, Professor
John Houghton & Nick Gruen, ANDS, 2015 Summary | PDF 1MB

Data Reuse Stories

  • Where in the world? An ecological story by Trevor Booth and Michael Hutchinson View Online
  • Maximising the benefits of high-resolution climate modelling - Part I. A story about building bridges by Ian Macadam View Online
  • Benefiting women's health. A story about sharing sensitive data as a fundamental national research resource by Sarah Olesen, Gita Mishra, & Leigh Tooth View Online
  • Health policy needs data sharing. The benefits of sharing Government-commissioned, publicly-funded data for policy development, by John Glover, Diana Hetzel & Sarah Olesen View Online
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ANDS Discovery Services and the Australian Research Data Commons View Online | PDF 12KB  

Research Data Australia Guide View Online | PDF 383KB | Search RDA 

Sensitive Data - Publishing and Sharing Guide (Working Level) View Online | PDF 1.13MB | Related info

Data Journals Guide View Online | PDF 420KB | Related info

Scholarly Communications View Online | PDF 124KB   

Register My Data: ANDS Online Service Guide View Online | PDF 141KB | Service info


Ethics, Funders, Policy and Licensing

Data Citation

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Copyright, data and licensing View Online | PDF 345KB | Related info | Youtube playlistexternal link

AusGOAL awareness Guide View Online | PDF 119KB | Related info 
The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research

ARC - Guide to filling in the data management section - March 2014  PDF 194 MB  | Related info | Youtubeexternal link
Ethics, consent and data sharing Guide View Online | PDF 244MB | Related info | Poster
Sensitive Data - Publishing and Sharing (Working Level) Guide View Online | PDF 1.13MB | Related info | YouTube Playlistexternal link
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Data Citation Guide  (Working Level) View Online | PDF 125KB | Related info   

Guide to Cite My Data ANDS DOI minting service View Online | PDF 98KB | Service info 

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) Guide  View Online | PDF 338KB

Posters and Pamphlets

Building a Culture of Data Citation

   Poster View Online | PDF 1.86MB 
   Pamphlet PDF 630KB

We suggest you email for pamphlet copies as it is difficult to print:

Hear about Data Citation from others  YouTube Playlistexternal link

Building the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

Identifying Data and Researchers

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What is Research Data? View Online | PDF 135KB 

Defining a Collection View Online | PDF 449KB
Research Data Australia Guide View Online | PDF 383KB | Search RDA
ANDS Data Connections Strategy View Online | PDF 148KB  
ARDC Activity Infrastructure View Online | PDF 116KB 

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Persistent identifiers

Digital Object Identifier System and DOI Names (DOIs) Guide View Online | PDF 338KB  

ARDC Party Infrastructure View Online | PDF 1307KB  

ANDS Persistent Identifier Minting Services

Guides for ANDS Online Services

Supporting Librarians to Support Research Data 

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Register My Data: ANDS Online Service Guide View Online | PDF 141KB | Service info

Research Data Australia Guide View Online | PDF 383KB | Search RDA 

Cite My Data: ANDS DOI minting service Guide View Online | PDF 98KB | Service info | Technical documentation

Identify My Data: ANDS Handle minting service Service InfoTechncial Documentation
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Research Data and Librarians trifold pamphlet (A4):

This pamphlet is CC-BY to make it easier for adaptation for reuse:

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Building a culture of data citation
Poster View Online | PDF 1.86MB 
Pamphlet PDF 630KB
We suggest you email  for copies as it is difficult to print: 

Sharing Data Ethically