Find Research Data:

Discovery, Access, Reuse

Data Discovery and Access

Data must be able to be discovered and accessed before it can be reused. 

Research Data Australia is an ANDS discovery service for Australian research data. It provides access to thousands of research datasets from Australia and around the world.

Data Citation

Data citation refers to the practice of providing a reference to data in the same way as researchers routinely provide a bibliographic reference to printed resources. An important aim of ANDS is to enable more researchers to re-use research data more often. To achieve this aim ANDS is engaged in activities that will make it easier to share data, to recognise the importance of making data available and to make data citation a standard procedure. More>>

ANDS Cite My Data Service

The ANDS Cite My Data service allows research organisations to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to research datasets or collections. The DOI system supports the citation of research data in scholarly communications and research data collaborations. More>>

ANDS is a member of the global DOIDOI consortium, DataCiteDataCite, which aims to increase acceptance of research data as legitimate, citable contributions to the scholarly record.

Data Reuse

A fundamental aspiration of the ANDS is that more data is re-usable.

The ability for data to be reused properly relies on many things including appropriate licensing, ethics approvals, accessible formats and sufficient metadata describing how the data has been specified, collected analysed and transformed. Use of standard vocabularies also enables reuse.

Prospective re-users need to know exactly what they can do with the data. Not being clear about permission to re-use data, or what has been done to the data, can have the same result as forbidding data re-use, because uncertainty can be enough to discourage the potential re-user. More>>