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Open Data 

Citing Data

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The benefits of making data as open as possible are many:

  • What is open data?
  • Benefits of opening up data for reuse
  • Overcoming commonly perceived barriers to open data
  • Five practical steps to making data open
  • Examples of open data in Research Data Australia

Report: Cost and Benefits of Data Provision

Report: Open Research Data

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ANDS is engaged in a wide range of activities that will make it easier to share data, to ensure published data is persistently available and to make data citation standard scholarly practice:

  • ANDS Cite My Data - DOI minting service (machine-to-machine and manual minting options)
  • Implementing data citation strategies for institutions and researchers
  • Resources, explanations, examples
  • Downloadable posters, pamphlets, materials

Data Discovery and Access 

Data Reuse

Research Data Australia

Data must be able to be discovered and accessed before it can be reused.

  • Data can be accessible in a number of ways: open, mediated or following an embargo period
  • Research Data Australia is the ANDS discovery service for Australian research data. It provides information about more than 100,000 research data collections managed by Australian institutions

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Explore how and why data, even some sensitive data, can be shared and reused.

  • Data is being reused by others in ways never envisaged by the original data creators 
  • Software and applications developed for ANDS projects are also available for reuse

Browse the ANDS library of data reuse stories including:

  • An ecological data story 
  • Building bridges 
  • Data sharing as a fundamental national research resource 
  • The benefits of sharing Government-commissioned, publicly-funded data for policy development

Publishing Data


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Publishing data includes information on sharing research data and datasets with:

  • Research Data Australia or
  • discipline-specific portals,

as well as making data available to other researchers,

  • either on an individual basis or
  • through a formal publication process.

When sharing research data or information about the data, things to consider may include:

  • Copyright
  • Identifying datasets
  • Citing datasets
  • Academic articles
  • Data journals