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Discovery, Access, Reuse

Open Data 

Data Citation

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Making research data and its metadata as open as possible can result in significant benefits and added value. Reports, examples and strategies to overcome perceived barriers:

Cost and Benefits of Data Provision

Open Research Data

Open Data Collections Showcase

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Guidance on building a culture of data citation, benefits of implementing long term data identifiers, Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) minting

Data Discovery and Access 

Data Reuse

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Data must be able to be discovered and accessed before it can be reused

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Making data available for reuse, being a data reuser, finding and accessing data for reuse, attribution. Browse stories of data reuse

Publishing Data

 Data in Education

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Considerations of how and where to publish research data, and ANDS services that support data publication

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Australia needs a 'data infused' workforce to take advantage of data opportunities for business and research: courses, teaching materials (K-PhD), get involved and data in education examples